Advice about thread and yarn sells several types of thread. However we recommend you to use Amann Serafil monofilament polyester yarn because it is stronger.

All 20 and 40 Serafil yarn in our webshop are water reppelent. You can recognize this by the abbreviation WR on the spool. This thread has a hydrophobic coating which helps to keep the seams waterproof.

When ordering Serafil yarn you can choose a limited number of colors. These are the colors we have in stock. Other colors or thicknesses can be ordered on request. Please send an email to if you wish to order something special.

Serafil 20 is the yarn we advise you to use on our Basic model. Serafil 40 and the other polyester and nylon threads are also very suitable to use on the sewing machine, but can handle a slightly smaller load.

Serafil 10 (or thicker yarn) is only to be used on our Heavy Duty One and Shoe.

Serafil 8 is the thickest and strongest yarn to use on the machine. This yarn gives a stitching an extra nice thick look. The variety of colors for this product is still limited, but if you have special requests, we can always order it for you. 

A problem you may have using very thick yarn is that you can only put a small amount of yarn on the bobbin. As a solution we advise you to use thinner yarn for that, for this yarn will not be visible on the front side of your work.
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