Tips and tricks

Martijn's tip: polishing
"I always had the same problem, namely that the metal surface was very rough, so that the leather got stuck and skewed. I have seen pictures on your site of whole scaffolding that provide easy transport. Which I can also recommend and is a little less invasive is to polish the metal surfaces with a chrome or metal polish. Then treat the surface with any car wax. Now things look and run much smoother, which makes the result better."

Tip from Carolien: baking paper
For Carolien, polishing was not enough to be able to sew two pieces of skin (with the fur on the inside) neatly together. The top layer slid over the bottom layer, because the metal surface remained too stiff. Now she puts a sheet of baking paper between the leather sewing machine and the lower skin. Then she takes the leather between her left thumb and forefinger and holds tension on it as she turns the flywheel. Due to the smooth baking paper, the material now glides smoothly over the lower arm. Afterwards she tears the baking paper loose from the skin.   

Below are some examples of users who have made a worktop or base for the leather sewing machine themselves

werkblad3.jpg  Smooth worktop


To prevent the thread from getting caught, these users have come up with creative solutions.
draadgeleider1.jpg  draadgeleider2.jpg

Spool pin base plate

Other practical tips that we've received from our customers over the years.
Wing nuts  Presser foot lever 

hole in bobbin

Do you also have a tip that can be helpful for other users, please mail or Whatsapp us (preferably with a photo), so we can place your tip on this page.
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