Serafil yarn 10 (300 meter)

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Serafil 10 is the thickest and strongest yarn to use on our machine. This yarn gives a stitching an extra nice thick look and has a high load capacity. One spool contains 300 meter of yarn. We recommend you to use needle size 23 (Basic model) for this yarn.

A problem you may have using very thick yarn is that you can only put a small amount of yarn on the bobbin. As a solution we advise you to use thinner yarn for that.

The variety of colors for this product is limited in our shop, but if you have special requests, we can always order it for you. Please send your request to

The black serafil can also be used for other purposes. Robert Jan Hoogeveen showed us that. He sent us a photo of his beautiful miniature boat. The ropes are made of serafil. 

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