Leather sewing machine Basic

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Robust cast iron leather sewing machine, powered by hand. When ordering this machine you also receive 10 needles (nr. 18), 3 bobbins and 1 extra bobbin case.

All characteristics:

  • easy to use
  • powered bij hand
  • sews in all directions because of the rotatable presser foot
  • a maximum stitch length up to 7 mm
  • able to sew up through 8 mm of material
  • fit for making/repairing shoes, sails and rigging
  • the machines weighs 9,9 kg including base plate and base block

The machine can be ordered with or without base plate. If you order one without the base plate, please keep in mind that you'll have to come up with a construction yourself to make the sewing machine stand on your worktop.

Our sewing machines are directly available from our stock and will be delivered to you within several days.

We experience that our sewing machine is used for various projects made of different materials like:
- using classic leather to make items such as bags, belts and wallets;
- repairing the fabric of inflatables;
- working with (bicycle) inner tubes;
- repairing tarpaulin, a boat cover or boat sail;
- making leather blade guards, pillows and bondage sets.

Sneakers are also being pimped with it a lot at the moment. There are popular videos on YouTube where a regular sneaker is pimped with branded fabric such as Gucci or YCL. In these videos a similar machine to the one we offer is used.

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